Motor Vehicle Accidents

Were you injured in a motor vehicle accident?

The majority of the Australian public understand that compensation may be available for injuries and disabilities that are caused by a motor vehicle accident, motorbike accident or bicycle accident.

However, many people do not understand the procedure and steps that are undertaken by motor vehicle accident lawyers and the courts to ensure that appropriate car accident injury compensation is awarded to those who suffer injuries and disabilities from a car accident or other accident involving any type of motor vehicle. At Andersons, our personal injury compensation lawyers try to make the process easier for you by providing you with the right information and working with you through the claim process.  

Remember, the compulsory third party insurer has different interests to your interests in your claim. You should contact Andersons Solicitors at your earliest convenience; the earlier you contact us, the easier it is for one of our car accident solicitors to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Remember, time limits apply. You should arrange a free initial consultation to ensure you're getting the best advice and assistance you can in relation to your motor vehicle accident claim for compensation. 

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