Living Arrangements of Children

Separation is a difficult time for all involved, including children. Andersons can advise you about the law as it relates to children. Through listening to you and working with you, we can help you work out what living arrangements will be in the best interests of your children. We can also refer you to appropriate private and community based services that are able to assist you and your family with the changes following separation from your spouse.

Parents of children are encouraged to make suitable living arrangements for their children without going to Court and where possible foster a co-operative and shared approach to parenting following separation. Parents have certain compulsory obligations to fulfil if unable to resolve a dispute about arrangements for their children. If necessary, we can advise on the legal issues that apply to children and Family Law if you and your former partner are unable to reach agreement about the living arrangements of the children. We can refer you to appropriately qualified Family Dispute Resolution practitioners for mediation which, in conjunction with our advice, may be able to assist you to resolve your dispute without engaging in expensive litigation.

Formalising arrangements in relation to children can be implemented in several ways, such as a Parenting Plan or Court Order. Each method has different advantages and disadvantages and it is important you receive advice about your options if you have reached an agreement with the other parent. We can provide you with advice as to the enforceability and flexibility of each option and which option is appropriate for your needs and the needs of your children.

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