Our qualified family lawyers at Andersons can assist with all legal aspects of your divorce. We take care of your divorce every step of the way.  We can advise you about who can and cannot apply for a divorce and how separation and/or a divorce may affect, for example, the operation of a Will made during the course of a marriage.

Factors to consider when divorcing

While in many cases the divorce may be straight forward, there may be additional factors to consider such as:-

  1. If you were married overseas, you will be required to fulfil certain criteria associated with your Application for divorce. If your spouse is overseas, we can prepare the necessary documents on your behalf and arrange for service (the official process for giving a person Court documents) of those documents on your spouse outside of Australia.
  2. You may have been, or are currently separated and living under the same roof as your spouse in which case you will be required to fulfil additional criteria over and above the usual requirements.
  3. You may not be able to locate your spouse, in which case we can assist in locating them or seek Orders from the Court for service in a different way or an exemption from the requirement of service on them altogether.
  4. If there are children, other requirements must be met including appearing in Court to satisfy the Court that proper arrangements are in place for the care and welfare of the children. We can appear in Court on your behalf so you do not need to attend.

It is important to note that you may be eligible for a reduction of the Court fees when filing your Application for Divorce.

In all cases, Andersons will arrange for service of Court documents and appear in Court on your behalf often without the need for you to appear. 

We can help with your divorce procedures. Contact Andersons Solicitors today.

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