Workplace Discrimination

Can I make a discrimination claim?

Employees must be able to show that their employer has acted to their detriment for an unlawful, discriminatory reason. Employees can make a discrimination claim provided they have been dismissed, demoted, disadvantaged or treated badly at work because of their: race; sex; age; disability or impairment; pregnancy; family or carer's responsibilities; union or industrial activity; religion; sexual orientation; or making a complaint or inquiry about their employment.

What may I be entitled to in a claim for discrimination?

If an employee is successful in a discrimination claim, they can seek compensation for lost wages, pain, suffering, hurt and distress. In some cases, penalties and injunctions may be imposed.

There is a vast number of workplace discrimination cases that have been resolved without the need to attend Court. If you believe you have been discriminated against in the workplace, you should contact Andersons Solicitors on 8238 6666 to arrange an initial free consultation with one of our experienced employment and industrial law team.

Have you been discriminated against in the workplace? Contact Andersons Solicitors for an initial free consultation with one of our lawyers. 

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