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lady riding a bicycle on the bike lane of a road

Are cyclists obliged to ride on share paths if one is available?

A shared path is an area open to the public that is designated for, use by both the riders of bicycles and pedestrians, and includes a length of path for use by both bicycles and...

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man sitting on hospital bed with broken leg

Injured at work during a notice period: a positive outcome for our client

Andersons Solicitors was approached by a client who had suffered a very serious injury in her employment after falling from a height. At the time she suffered this injury, our...

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adult adoption

Adult Adoption and Estate Planning

Adult adoption is now able to occur in South Australia. You may be wondering why one would consider adopting an adult, or being adopted as an adult, in the first place? One of the...

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adult man with arm around his father looking into hillside

Adult adoption can now occur in South Australia

We are pleased to report that the Adoption (General) Regulations 2018 have been finalised and are now in effect. This means that adult adoption is now able to occur in South...

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doctor and patient with broken leg and plaster and crutches

Third party recovery after a work accident

If you are injured whilst at work in South Australia you are entitled under the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA) to make a claim for compensation, however, an injured worker under...

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The Affects of Family and Domestic Violence on Employability

The effects of Family and Domestic Violence on Employability

Family and domestic violence (FDV) causes great human and economic cost to our community. One of the costs of domestic violence which is, perhaps, less readily recognised, is the...

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Elder Law: Retirement Village contracts

Elder Law: Retirement Village contracts - What are your rights?

Are you considering moving into a retirement village? Make sure you are aware of your rights before you sign a contract.

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Cross-examination in Family Law Matters Involving Violence

Cross-examination in Family Law Matters Involving Violence

New amendments to the Family Law Act have recently been passed that prevent perpetrators of family violence from questioning their victim during cross-examination in family law...

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Divorce over the Christmas period

The Christmas Present Nobody Wants: Divorce

Chaotic schedules, booze-fuelled functions and awkward family get-togethers are predictable happenings that mark the annual Christmas and New Year season. Unfortunately however,...

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