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separation and divorce

We've recently separated and my ex wants to see bank statements

Barney and Betty were married for eight years. At the beginning of 2013 they separated on very acrimonious terms. Now they can barely speak to each other without a verbal argument...

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motor vehicle accident legislation for bike riders

How does the new motor vehicle accident legislation affect bike riders?

Over the past nine to twelve months the Government of South Australia has evidenced its intention to significantly amend the compensation system as it applies to the victims of...

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Caveats - a simple guide

We have had a great number of responses to Ryan Thomas’ series of posts called “To caveat or not to caveat?” So to give our readers a bit more information and to answer a few more...

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matrimonial property issues

Family Law Property dispute - How can caveats be removed?

We had previously looked at the effect of lodging a Caveat over a property and in what circumstances a party to a marriage or de facto relationship can lodge a caveat. Now we look...

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repossession proceedings

The bank has served me with repossession proceedings. What can I do?

In our earlier blog “Help! The bank is selling my house”, we outlined several options when faced with the difficulty of not being able to make your next mortgage payment and...

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difference between a barrister and solicitor

What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?

We often hear various legal terms thrown around in conversations or from numerous media sources. Judiciary, adversary, jurisdiction, mens rea, etc. Such terms can be confusing if...

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lodging a caveat

To Caveat or Not to Caveat?

When a relationship breaks down the parties often lose trust and faith in each other. If the property the parties lived in is owned in one of the parties names solely (Party A),...

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