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Are Online Wills too good to be true?

Online Wills can be convenient, however they can present a number of problem. In this blog post we explain what these problems are and why an online Will is often too good to be...

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Can I make my ex pay my legal costs?

In Family Law matters the general principle is that each party is required to pay their own legal costs regardless of whether they “win” or “lose”. Courts do however have the...

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Gel Blasters are now considered a firearm under South Australia law

Recent new laws have taken effect in South Australia on the 8th of October 2020 that mean Gel Blasters are now regulated in the same way as paintball guns and firearms.

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Can you only issue proceedings in children’s matters if you are a biological parent?

Commonly people believe that only a biological parent or grandparent is allowed to institute legal proceedings in Family Law in relation to a child. This is incorrect.

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Will a workers compensation claim impact on my future job prospects?

Clients often tell us of their frustration and struggles gaining employment after prospective employers have found out about a previous workplace injury and workers compensation...

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We have separated but live in the same house. Can we still get a divorce?

It is not uncommon for a husband and wife to separate but continue to live together under the same roof. If you and your spouse have continued to live together in the same home...

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What to expect on your first court date in the Family Court

The prospect of the first court date can be very daunting, especially to those who have never otherwise been to court before. Many questions may be running through your mind, so...

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What happens to a persons assets if they die without a valid Will?

When a person dies their assets have to be dealt with. Assets held in joint names as joint tenants such as the home will automatically become the property of the surviving joint...

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Can injured workers force their employers to give them work?

It is only natural that when workers injure themselves at work and cannot perform all their usual duties, they can become anxious and fearful about their career. Will the boss be...

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