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child on plane

New child abduction laws in parenting cases

A recent amendment to the Family Law Act 1975 means that a parent who abducts their child internationally could be imprisoned for up to 3 years.

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bike riders on road with cars

The law regarding cyclists and left-turning drivers

There is often much confusion about who has right of way when a motorist signals to turn left at an intersection and a cyclist is travelling straight.

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Three puppies look out from the enclosure. French Bulldog Puppies. Black, brindle color. Elite, pedigree dogs. Big ears

How to avoid a 'puppy scam'

Puppy scams are becoming more and more prevalent in South Australia. This blog explains tips and tricks to avoid falling victim to a puppy scam.

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wrecking ball

Division of assets in short relationships – a proverbial ‘Wrecking Ball’

The separation of celebrity super-couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth has flooded the news in the last few weeks. The pair will likely need to divide their assets. This blog...

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family law court

What happens if my partner and I reconcile after final orders for property were made by the Court?

What happens if my partner and I reconcile after having final orders for property made by the Court?

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fence in front of house

The true value of Building Indemnity Insurance

Disputes between homeowners and builders in relation to domestic building works are just one of the areas that the Andersons' Commercial Department specialise in.

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couple holding hands

What you need to be aware of if you are in a de facto relationship

In law, de facto relationships have been provided with the same rights as married people. Therefore, there are some important things to be aware of if you are in a de facto...

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doctor sitting on table

Advanced Care Directives: revisions to the law

Serious concerns have been raised by health practitioners about the difficult and conflicted position they are placed in when caring for patients who had attempted to take their...

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couple holding hands

I’m in a relationship but not married, do I need a relationship contract?

Many couples are in a de facto relationship and stay that way, like married couples in de facto relationship couples can also enter into a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) to...

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