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Importance of obtaining legal will

Wills - you get what you pay for

Getting your Will done may sound like a simple task; get a good precedent, make sure you spell everyone’s name right, don't include that errant child that's not liked anymore,...

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employment law leave entitlements while on Workcover

Do I still accrue leave entitlements whilst I am in receipt of workers compensation payments?

Many workers worry about their entitlements to leave such as annual leave, sick leave, long service leave when they are in receipt of workers compensation payments.

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employment law personal injury union assistance

The important role of Union delegates

At Andersons, we firmly believe that the men and women who become Union Delegates perform an invaluable service to all staff, and their efforts undeniably lead to fairer and safer...

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family law marriages and annulments

How do I get my marriage annulled in Australia?

Annulment is a term used in America, meaning to declare a marriage null and void. In Australia a person must apply for a “decree of nullity of marriage” on the grounds that the...

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commercial and business law

A warning to tenants - the High Court confirms the powers of liquidators

In the past we have recommended to our clients that tenants who rent a shop, office, farm or other land have their lease registered against the land to protect their rights

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dink driving offences

The silly season is nearly upon us so what is the real cost of drink driving?

It’s a Friday night and an after work drink has turned into several. You drove into work that day and really would prefer to wake up tomorrow with your car in your drive way.

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property settlement and children's issues

Family Law Win. Andersons successful in gaining client relocation

Andersons’ Family Law Department have just resolved a matrimonial matter in South Australia which finalises all matters to do with the parties’ property settlement and children’s...

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one punch laws

Alcohol fuelled violence. Where do you stand with the law?

Fred goes out on a Saturday night with his friends. He goes out on Hindley Street and drinks so much that he becomes incredibly intoxicated. As he is walking back from the bar...

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behaviour in employment

Work Christmas parties – think before you drink

Generally speaking, a workplace Christmas party will be an enjoyable occasion for colleagues to relax and spend time together before the Christmas holidays, outside the demands of...

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