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Land Acquisition Act

The land on which my business is being operated is subject to compulsory acquisition.

Where land on which a business is being operated is to be compulsory acquired, a business owner, whether it is the landowner or a tenant, is entitled to compensation under the...

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drink driving offences

Been charged with drink driving and need to keep my licence?

We're regularly asked questions about licences and what people can do to keep their licence when charged with a drink driving offence. First, there is no such thing as...

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same sex relationships

In a same sex relationship with one child?

Under the Family Law Act (the Act) the parents of a child are responsible for the care, welfare and development of the child. Each parent of a child has parental responsibility...

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parenting plan in family law

Is a Parenting Plan legally binding?

A parenting plan is used in Family Law matters and is an agreement between the parents, grandparents or other persons concerned with the care, welfare or development of a child,...

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family law issues

My husband cheated on me. What are my options in Family Law?

Scenario: Conrad and Victoria have been married for 20 years. The first 19 years of their relationship were loving and caring. However, over the last 12 months their relationship...

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building indemnity insurance

What is building indemnity insurance and do I need it on my home build?

Building indemnity insurance is insurance which is taken out by the builder for your benefit to protect against the builder being unable to complete (or rectify faulty) domestic...

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criminal and traffic offences

Bail applications – get it right first time

A person who is in custody because they have been charged with a criminal or traffic offence may apply to be released on bail. Bail is an agreement that a person makes to the...

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family law and children's issues

Does the opinion of my child count when deciding which parent to live with?

The Family Law courts are concerned with the best interests of the child and when making a parenting order about a child the court must consider any views expressed by the child.

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Administrative Appeals Tribunal

What if I am unhappy about a decision made by Centrelink or another Commonwealth Government Department?

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal which commenced operations on 1 July 1976 exercises powers in areas which include the general administrative, security appeals, taxation...

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