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Reporting workplace injury timeframe

Do not delay reporting a workplace injury

Every day we speak with clients who have had their legitimate workers compensation claims rejected by WorkCover or their employer. Often the rejection is based on sound reasoning,...

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WorkCover compensation for asbestos diseases

Claiming compensation for asbestos related diseases

Asbestos was a commonly used material in a multitude of building/construction work applications from the 1950s through to the 1980s. Asbestos is a strong, resilient and very heat...

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driving laws and provisional licences

Changes to provisional licences in 2014 for P1 and P2 drivers

South Australian Parliament has recently passed new laws in relation to young drivers. The laws will come into effect in 2014 (date to be confirmed) and will toughen the...

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Workcover impact on employment

Will a WorkCover claim impact on my future job prospects?

Clients often tell us of their frustration in relation to their struggles gaining employment after prospective employers have found out about a previous workplace injury and...

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personal injury asbestos diseases

New South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal a step closer

Back in October 2013, I wrote about the introduction of a new Super Tribunal. There have now been some further developments on this and it’s a very exciting prospect for South...

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criminal law coward punch

Will tougher laws reduce coward punch attacks?

The news is flooded with people and politicians calling for tougher penalties for “coward punch” or “king hit” one punch attackers.

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workers compensation review

An overhaul of the workers compensation system in South Australia

In January 2014, the Weatherill State Labor Government announced a drastic shake-up of the workers compensation (WorkCover) system in South Australia.

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employment law instant dismissal grounds

What things can I be instantly sacked for?

Instant dismissal, also called summary dismissal, permits an employer to sack an employee immediately only if the employee engages in sufficiently serious misconduct.

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family law divorce process

My spouse and I are separated. Do we need to get divorced before we can divide the property?

When parties to a marriage separate there is generally property that needs to be divided to allow each party to have a clean break and move forward financially. There is no law...

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