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sick leave entitlements

I have been ill and away from work for 3 months. Can they sack me?

If you are ill and you are unable to go to work, personal leave (also commonly referred to as sick leave) can be taken. Personal leave is leave that employees can take when they...

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anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids – the pointy end of criminal law

There is a lot of talk in the news about the allegation that the Essendon Football Club have taken performance enhancing drugs and how they may have breached different sporting...

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unfair dismissal and employment law

Unfair dimissal - where do you stand?

Firstly, it is important to remind employees that all warnings from your employer should be taken seriously. If your job is not done properly there is a possibility that you can...

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wills and estates

Choose Executors to your Will carefully

When a person dies they usually leave behind a Will that specifies what is to happen to their assets upon their death and who are executors.

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intervention or restraining orders

Intervention Orders

An intervention order (formerly known as a restraining order) is a Court Order to prohibit a person (the defendant) from committing an act of abuse on a protected person and to...

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personal injury

Should I shop around for a doctor?

A common reaction by patients who have been treated or operated on where things have gone wrong, is to make enquiries as to the experience of the treating doctor or medical...

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your workers compensation claim entitlements

What do I do if my employer encourages me not to lodge a workers compensation claim?

All too often, clients visit us and tell us about serious injuries they have sustained at the workplace. These injuries are often severe and require hospitalisation, ongoing...

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Family Law and criminal acts by one partner

Serious criminal act by my newly married partner

Heath and Bianca were married in April 2013. In early July 2013 Bianca discovered that Heath had been involved in an armed robbery earlier in the year and he was charged for the...

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capital gains tax

What are the capital gains tax consequences of compulsory acquisition of land or business?

The capital gains tax (“CGT”) consequence in relation to land compulsorily acquired can be quite complex. The landholding may be a post-CGT asset, a pre-CGT asset or it may be...

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