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employment law employee or contractor

In employment law what is an independent contractor?

A few years before the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) came into effect, Federal legislation was passed to regulate an increasing category of workers - independent contractors.

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family law legally recognised marriage

What is the legal age to marry in Australia?

Under the Marriage Act 1961 (“the Act”), the legal age for a person to marry in Australia is 18 years of age. However there are exceptional and unusual circumstances when it may...

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WorkCover rights regarding travel

Can I travel interstate whilst on WorkCover?

For a variety of different reasons, injured workers on the WorkCover system in South Australia advise us that they need to move interstate. Often injured workers lack the ability,...

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commercial law contracts and creditors

Do you supply goods to customers on credit terms?

If you are a company and you supply goods to customers on credit terms it is important that you review what you are doing to protect yourself in the event that the customer falls...

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family law working mothers

Family matters, employment law and Mums returning to work

To the ‘Y’ generation the term “having it all” is often reflected as an overly ambitious, unattainable goal encouraged by the bra burning feminists of former decades. The reason I...

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pure mental harm workcover claim

When can you claim compensation for pure mental harm?

Compensation may be payable for mental harm “injuries” where the mental harm has arisen as a consequence of a negligent act. For example, you witnessed your child being severely...

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laws regarding bike lanes

Can I park in a bike lane?

You should be able to tell is a bicycle lane is not in operation as it should be clearly marked. In this Adelaide Now article it was reported that in 2012 Adelaide motorists were...

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employment law workplace bullying

Anti-bullying legislation 3 months on from major changes to the law

The new legislation provides that a worker who believes on a reasonable basis that he or she is being bullied, can apply to the Fair Work Commission (“FWC”) for an order for the...

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WorkCover and claiming entitlements

Will WorkCover pay for house and garden help while I am incapacitated?

The South Australian workers compensation legislation includes many entitlements for workers beyond the payment of weekly income and medical expenses. Injured workers often are...

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