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commercial and business guarantees

What is the deal with Guarantees?

A guarantee is simply a promise to meet the obligation of another person if that person fails to live up to their own obligations. Typically that is an obligation to pay someone...

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minor civil claim changes

Small Claims and Other Changes to the Jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court is the court with the “lowest” jurisdiction in South Australia. It hears matters which, amongst other things, relate to neighbourhood disputes, fences...

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updating my will

When do I need to update my Will?

Every adult should have a Will. There are inherent dangers with using Will Kits so your Will should be prepared by a solicitor experienced in Wills and Estate Planning.

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childrens issues

Spending time with the children where one parent is an alcoholic

It is in the best interests of children to have a close relationship with both of their parents and significant members of their family. However, the safety of the children will...

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bullying, harassment and discrimination laws

New Bullying laws coming into effect 1 January 2014

New Federal bullying laws in Australia are coming into effect from 1 January 2014 under the Fair Work Act 2009 as they were passed by Parliament on June 28 2013.

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Super Tribunal for South Australia

New Super Tribunal for South Australia. What will it mean for me?

In 1983 the South Australian Law Reform Commission recommended the establishment of a State Administrative Appeals Body. It has been a long time coming but it now appears that a...

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family law

If I am married to more than one person and get caught will any of the marriages be valid?

The focus of this blog is on the act of entering into a marriage while lawfully married to another person, known as bigamy

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what if my executor dies before me

What happens if my Executor(s) die before I do?

When a person dies they usually leave behind a Will that specifies what is to happen to their assets upon their death and who are executors.

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overtime pay

I am not being paid appropriate overtime hours. What are my options?

Overtime hours are considered differently under each award or workplace agreement (including enterprise bargaining agreements). It is classified under the National Employment...

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