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one punch laws

Alcohol fuelled violence. Where do you stand with the law?

Fred goes out on a Saturday night with his friends. He goes out on Hindley Street and drinks so much that he becomes incredibly intoxicated. As he is walking back from the bar...

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behaviour in employment

Work Christmas parties – think before you drink

Generally speaking, a workplace Christmas party will be an enjoyable occasion for colleagues to relax and spend time together before the Christmas holidays, outside the demands of...

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motor vehicle accident compensation

New motor accident compensation scheme - how is it looking so far?

In July 2013, the South Australian State Government introduced new legislation governing injury compensation claims arising out of motor vehicle accidents.

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powers of attorney

Recognition of Powers of Attorney from Interstate

In a previous blog, Powers of Attorney across State Borders, I noted that a 2012 Bill introduced to Parliament was attempting to recognise Powers of Attorney from interstate.

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employment and industrial law

Employment Law – what does general protections mean?

All employees should feel safe and protected while at work. Unfortunately, often during employment an employee may feel scared or worried in their job; such as prior to following...

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Payment of Superannuation on your death

Superannuation distribution after death

For many people, superannuation and any associated death benefit will be the most significant financial resource that they have. A public superannuation fund is usually...

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Bullying and harassment at work

I want to see a lawyer because of problems at work but I am worried my boss will sack me!

Unfortunately, all too often we see clients who indicate that they have experienced problems at work with bullying, harassment or discrimination, or often they have been unfairly...

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commercial and business guarantees

What is the deal with Guarantees?

A guarantee is simply a promise to meet the obligation of another person if that person fails to live up to their own obligations. Typically that is an obligation to pay someone...

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minor civil claim changes

Small Claims and Other Changes to the Jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court is the court with the “lowest” jurisdiction in South Australia. It hears matters which, amongst other things, relate to neighbourhood disputes, fences...

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