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criminal law coward punch

Will tougher laws reduce coward punch attacks?

The news is flooded with people and politicians calling for tougher penalties for “coward punch” or “king hit” one punch attackers.

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workers compensation review

An overhaul of the workers compensation system in South Australia

In January 2014, the Weatherill State Labor Government announced a drastic shake-up of the workers compensation (WorkCover) system in South Australia.

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employment law instant dismissal grounds

What things can I be instantly sacked for?

Instant dismissal, also called summary dismissal, permits an employer to sack an employee immediately only if the employee engages in sufficiently serious misconduct.

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family law divorce process

My spouse and I are separated. Do we need to get divorced before we can divide the property?

When parties to a marriage separate there is generally property that needs to be divided to allow each party to have a clean break and move forward financially. There is no law...

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employment law administrative action

What is reasonable administrative action in the workplace?

All too often clients seek legal advice after developing significant psychological problems as a result of workplace stressors. Sometimes workers feel that they have been bullied,...

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motor vehicle accident claim insurance

Do I have to attend the insurance doctor for my motor vehicle accident claim?

When making a claim for personal injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident, assessment of your injuries needs to be undertaken as part of determining what compensation you...

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Workcover asbestos injuries

Asbestos and compensation amounts – a brief case study

In a claim for damages for personal injury the amount that a sufferer can receive is dependent on the type of injury that they have. But what if the doctors are undecided about...

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Importance of obtaining legal will

Wills - you get what you pay for

Getting your Will done may sound like a simple task; get a good precedent, make sure you spell everyone’s name right, don't include that errant child that's not liked anymore,...

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employment law leave entitlements while on Workcover

Do I still accrue leave entitlements whilst I am in receipt of workers compensation payments?

Many workers worry about their entitlements to leave such as annual leave, sick leave, long service leave when they are in receipt of workers compensation payments.

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