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pure mental harm workcover claim

When can you claim compensation for pure mental harm?

Compensation may be payable for mental harm “injuries” where the mental harm has arisen as a consequence of a negligent act. For example, you witnessed your child being severely...

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laws regarding bike lanes

Can I park in a bike lane?

You should be able to tell is a bicycle lane is not in operation as it should be clearly marked. In this Adelaide Now article it was reported that in 2012 Adelaide motorists were...

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employment law workplace bullying

Anti-bullying legislation 3 months on from major changes to the law

The new legislation provides that a worker who believes on a reasonable basis that he or she is being bullied, can apply to the Fair Work Commission (“FWC”) for an order for the...

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WorkCover and claiming entitlements

Will WorkCover pay for house and garden help while I am incapacitated?

The South Australian workers compensation legislation includes many entitlements for workers beyond the payment of weekly income and medical expenses. Injured workers often are...

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commercial law scam contracts

Sham Contracting

Do you believe you have been misrepresented by an employer and induced into a contracting arrangement instead of an employment relationship? Have you performed work believing you...

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family law entitlements after separation

If I separate from my spouse am I entitled to 50% of the assets?

Just because you have been married to (or in a de facto relationship with) someone for a period of time and own property together does not mean that the assets will be divided...

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privacy laws commercial law

13 things to know about Australia’s new Privacy Laws

With the new Privacy Laws, there are thirteen Australian Privacy Principles as well as changes to the laws of credit reporting. The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy...

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personal injury and privacy laws

Australian Privacy Laws tightening up

The new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) together with a number of important amendments to the Privacy Act 1988 (Commonwealth) come into effect from 12 March 2014.

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family law children's lawyers

What is an independent childrens lawyer?

When a matter is listed in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia or the Family Court of Australia, a Judge may make Orders appointing an independent lawyer to represent the...

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