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relocating after separation

Family Law team success in relocation case

In October 2013 Andersons Solicitors Murray Bridge was consulted by a father with concerns that his former partner and mother of his then 16 month old daughter was intending to...

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bullying and harrassment in the workplace

Fairwork Commission hands down first decisions in new anti-bullying cases

Unfortunately, bullying and harassment in the workplace is a common complaint we receive from our clients. It is often the case that such behaviour can be covert and manipulative...

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bike injury compensation scheme

How are cyclists faring with the new motor accident compensation scheme?

If you are injured in a road accident your injuries must now meet a defined, and very high, threshold before any compensation is awarded. A person’s injury must exceed 10 points...

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Darlington acquisitions of land

Compulsory land acquisition in the Darlington upgrade South Australia

The South Australian Government has announced that about 60 properties will be needed as part of the Darlington Upgrade project work for the non-stop North South Corridor for...

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legal wills and will kits

How much does a Will cost versus a Will Kit?

This may be surprising but many lawyers actually charge far less for ordinary Wills than they are entitled to charge. For even a simple Will, the cost which might be charged at...

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amount of motor vehicle accident compensation

How is compensation calculated for motor vehicle accidents?

From July 1 2013, significant legislative changes have greatly affected the assessment of compensation available for people injured in motor vehicle accidents in South Australia;...

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family law money gift or loan

Gifts in Family Law property settlements

In 2005 Adam and Eve were married. They had been a de facto couple of several years prior to marriage and had jointly purchased a home together in 2004. In 2006 Adam and Eve...

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disclaiming of a lease

Disclaiming a lease when a landlord goes into liquidation

If a landlord goes into liquidation then the liquidator may disclaim a lease; see the recent High Court decision Willmott Growers Group Inc. –v- Willmott Forests Limited...

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road rules and buses

When do I have to give way to metropolitan buses?

The driver of a metropolitan bus must give a change of direction signal for long enough to give sufficient warning to other drivers and pedestrians that he intends to enter the...

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