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bike accident compensation

Bike riders v pot holes

We are frequently asked questions from cyclists who have suffered damage either to their bike or themselves after coming to grief on a pot hole in the road or on some other defect...

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South Australian exemptions on stamp duty

Stamp Duty Exemptions in South Australia

Like death and taxes, it would appear that stamp duty is another certainty of life. However, unlike death and taxes, stamp duty can be avoided in certain situations. Most of us...

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what is a support person

Can I have a support person at my work disciplinary meeting?

The line between an advocate and support person in the context of disciplinary meetings has been a grey area in the law for some time. The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (“FW Act”) does...

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Success in Supreme court family matter

Family Law Team succeeds in Supreme Court Interim Application

In March 2014 we assisted our client (the defendant) to successfully defend a claim for division of property following the breakdown of a De Facto relationship some 5 years...

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Hague convention success family court

Family Law team success using Hague Convention

In late 2013 Eva Bailey of the Andersons Family Law team was consulted by the father of two children who were living with him in South Australia. The children had been born in...

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Administrators obligations for super benefits

Administrators obligation to apply for superannuation benefits

A great number of people do not understand the importance of having a Will and of having well considered superannuation nominations in place. They are important, and for many...

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personal injury settlements

Court settlements involving a child or person under a disability

When a claim is resolved by way of an out of court settlement involving a child or person under a disability, the settlement is conditional upon approval by a court of law. This...

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business security commerical law

Has your business perfected its security interest under the Personal Property Security Act?

The Supreme Court of Victoria has handed down a decision in the case of Swans Services Pty Ltd (In Liquidation) and Central Cleaning Supplies in relation to security interests...

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