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can centrelink take my compensation

What do Medicare and Centrelink have to do with my compensation claim?

Where an injured person pursues a claim for compensation arising out of an accident there may be a right of recovery by Centrelink and Medicare for any monies paid to the injured...

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South Road property acquisitions

Compulsory acquisition of South Road properties for Darlington upgrade project

In Adelaide, some residents along Main South Road, Darlington have received a letter of Proposed Acquisition from the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure advising...

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family and children's issues

Does my child have to spend time with my ex?

We often get asked whether a Court will make a child spend time with the other parent in circumstances where that child has said that they do not want to. Firstly, as we always...

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worker's compensation claims

The legal and ethical requirements of doctors in workers compensation cases

Doctors play a vital role within the workers compensation system. Their opinions can assist with workers returning to employment quickly in their previous role or an alternative...

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Family dispute resolution

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution is a process that applies to parties involved in a dispute regarding the arrangements for their children. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a specific...

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poor builders work

Not happy with the builders workmanship?

Often clients come to see us as they are unsatisfied with building work on their domestic property. They may have engaged a builder to construct, renovate or improve their...

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Am I getting paid correctly?

Underpayment of wages. Are you being paid correctly?

We often initially assist a client with a particular employment issue they are facing in the workplace and during this process we will query the amount they are being paid to...

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divorce in australia

Can I get a divorce in Australia if I am living overseas?

We are often contacted by clients living overseas to assist them with matters arising from the breakdown of their marriage or relationship. It’s important to not only think about...

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can you sue for personal injury

Your privacy matters. Should individuals have a right to sue when it is breached?

The Privacy Amendment Act includes a set of new harmonised privacy principals that regulate the handling of personal information by both Australian government agencies and...

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