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cars in bike lanes

What vehicles can use a bike lane?

Many riders are simply not aware of the rules and regulations that apply to them when riding a scooter or moped bicycle in a bicycle lane. So what does the law say?

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car accident claim with no other driver

Can I claim motor accident compensation if the other driver cannot be found

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, drivers of all vehicles involved are required to stop at the scene to exchange their details and provide assistance where needed. In...

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liquor licensing and small venues

Liquor licensing for a small venue

Amendments in April 2013 to the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 (“the Act”) introduced a new category of liquor licensing, namely a ‘Small Venue Licence’ (“SVL”). The impetus for this...

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duty of care for professionals

Mental health and duty of care from health professionals

A New South Wales case, Simon v Hunter and New England Local Health District [2013] NSW 476, involved a man by the name of Stephen being concerned about the mental state of his...

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family law and divorce

Do I need a lawyer to help with my divorce?

As divorces become more common we find that our clients are increasingly researching the topic of divorce on the internet and in some cases people are attempting to obtain their...

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joint tenants and tenants in common

Gifting property in your Will

When making a Will, there is often confusion in respect to what a person is able to “gift”. Obviously, you can only give away in a Will that which you own. It is not possible to...

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car accident and dependency claims

Are dependency claims affected by the changes to the motor vehicle accident laws?

Traditionally the law has recognised the right to bring a claim for compensation by the survivors of a person who has died in a car accident. The essence of that claim is that...

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Recevied bad financial advice

Has your financial advisor given you bad advice that has caused you loss?

There have recently been a number of high profile court cases against financial advisors from respected banks around Australia. These financial advisors had engaged in fraud as...

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family law entitlements

In Family Law am I entitled to less because I am a stay at home mum?

We are often contacted by people regarding entitlements to property settlement in a situation where one of the parties (usually the mother) is a stay at home parent. Often in...

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