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Terms and conditions of trade

Terms and conditions of trade for small businesses – it’s essential!

When dealing with clients, be it an individual or another business entity, the terms and conditions of trade in which you do business with them are crucial in ensuring that your...

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prescribed wrong medication

I have been prescribed the wrong medication. Do I have any rights to compensation?

When you are being prescribed medication it is very important that a doctor is aware of your medical history and that you are prescribed the right drug(s) for you.

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nurses duty of care

Duty of care of nurses to patients

Often medical negligence claims centre around treatment from nurses. In this situation there is still recourse for compensation as the nurses are...

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Pregnant surrogate

Surrogacy – what is the law in Australia?

Surrogacy is an arrangement between intended or commissioning parents with a third party who agrees to carry a baby for them. It is an option that many people are increasingly...

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I’ve been made redundant. Can I make an unfair dismissal claim?

The unfair dismissal jurisdiction of the Fair Work Commission specifically excludes “genuine redundancies”. If your redundancy qualifies as a “genuine redundancy” you will not be...

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can I gift property

Can I transfer property to someone as a gift?

The short answer is yes you can. The issue is generally stamp duty and capital gains tax implications. If you are a couple, either de-facto or married, and you transfer property...

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Renovations and asbestos

Danger! Loose asbestos insulation in houses

The terror of finding asbestos in your home or neighborhood cannot be fully understood until it happens. In Canberra recently a family was living in a 1972...

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Family Law Supreme Court dismissal

Family Law team succeeds in having Supreme Court Appeal dismissed

On 4 April 2014 District Court Judge Stretton handed down judgment in our client’s de facto property settlement case. After representing our client over a 4 year period and for a...

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CFS truck

CFS volunteers – what are their rights and entitlements?

During late 2014 and early 2015, barely a day has gone by without reports of tragic losses of property, livestock and wildlife as a result of fires raging across Australia,...

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