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workers compensation adelaide

Am I entitled to a lump sum payment for my work injury?

If You've suffered an injury at work, you may be entitled to a lump sum compensation payment. Margaret Kaukus, Special Counsel unpacks workers compensation below.

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The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Merger | Andersons Solicitors

The New Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Two months In

The new FCFCOA has been in operation for approximately 6 weeks now and with it a new Court system with new rules and procedures. Ryan Thomas, head of the Family Law team explains.

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police seize trust account funds

Can Police Seize Funds Paid By Clients To Their Lawyers' Trust Account For Legal Fees?

SA Police recently seized money from a law firm's trust account, due to connections with criminal activity. The firm was unaware of the seizure and believed the money was lost or...

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Should I Name a Guardian For My Young Children in My Will?

It's common for married parents to appoint a Guardian(s) in their respective Wills if both parents should pass away. However, this situation becomes more complex where parents...

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wills and estates south australia

What happens if an executor or beneficiary of a Will can’t be found?

When a Will is written, chances are that the persons named in the Will won’t stay in the same place. What happens if an executor or beneficiary of a deceased person's estate...

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Estate Claims in South Australia

Will the proposed Succession Act 2021 Prevent People With Genuine Need From Making Estate Claims?

The proposed Succession Bill 2021 (SA) aims to incorporate current legislation dealing with estate and succession law into a single act. The State Government has justified these...

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estate planning in South Australia

The changing nature of costs in Estate Litigation South Australia

Increasingly high scrutiny will be paid to claimants who do not properly consider whether their claim has merit, and the court has shown a willingness to order exceptional costs...

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COVID Workers Compensation Claim

Is it possible to claim workers compensation if COVID-19 is contracted at work?

A recent finding has been made in the New South Wales Personal Injury Commission that the family of a worker who died as a result of contracting COVID-19 in the course of a work...

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Psychiatric Injuries in the Workplace and Reasonable Administrative Action

Psychiatric Injuries in the Workplace and Reasonable Administrative Action

If a worker suffers a psychiatric injury as a result of their employment which requires them to take time off work and/or incur medical expenses for treatment, they can lodge a...

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