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Workers Memorial Day 2015

International Workers Memorial Day

International Workers Memorial Day originated in Canada in the 1980’s and since then has become an annual occasion to remember those who have lost their lives or have suffered...

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Executor responsibilities

My mother just died and I’m the executor of her estate

Soon after the funeral, an executor of a deceased person’s estate should promptly turn their attention to carrying out the terms of the Will. There are essentially two aspects to...

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Workers compensation and Comcare

Workers compensation under the Comcare system

When a worker suffers an injury in the workplace and requires time away from work and/or medical treatment, that worker should lodge a workers compensation claim. Most workers in...

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Liquidation insolvency and administration

What happens when a company gets into financial difficulty?

When a company gets into financial difficulty there are a number of things that could happen to it. The Directors could decide to place it into voluntary administration, it could...

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Family farm and family law property settlement

Family Law property settlement and the family farm

Many factors and contributions need to be considered when dividing the family relationship pie. Just because your husband inherited the family farm doesn’t mean that you don’t...

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Enforcing judgement on debtors

How do I enforce judgment against a debtor?

Did you see our blog on “What remedies are available to deal with debtors?” That dealt with the options available to pursue your debtor for payment. Once you followed one of...

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Still waiting to see how SAET will work

The South Australian Employment Tribunal

In August 2014 Minister John Rau introduced a Bill into Parliament to establish a new Tribunal to deal with employment related matters in South Australia.

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Company and personal debt

What remedies are available for me to deal with debtors?

So you have provided goods and/or services to someone and they have failed or refused to pay you. As a solicitor who is quite active in the area of debt collection, whether its...

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Who can lodge a caveat

Family Law Property Dispute? Who can lodge a Caveat?

Not just anyone can lodge a Caveat over a property. They must have an interest in the land. Having been in a marriage or a de facto relationship alone does not give someone an...

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