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Transfer of business name

Transfer of business name; what you should know

On 28 May 2012 registration of business names became national rather than state based and is now handled by ASIC. Previously to transfer a business name which occurred upon the...

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cheating drug tests

My partner is cheating on court ordered drug tests

Hair follicle testing is the most accurate way of testing drug consumption by a human body over a lengthy period of time. There are over 25 drugs that can be tested using a hair...

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Motor vehicle accident compensation claim

How long do motor accident compensation claims take to finalise?

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “when will this be all over?” This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask as there are a number of complex steps that...

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Consequences of bad behaviour at office party

Sacked after the work party?

At Andersons, we often work with clients who have unfortunately behaved in a less-than-virtuous manner at staff functions, and have therefore suffered the consequences of...

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Spousal maintenance in family law

Family Law and spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance is a payment that a person may be required to make to their former spouse or de facto partner to assist them with their reasonable living expenses. It is a...

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Entitlements under Comcare compensation

What are my entitlements under Comcare?

The Comcare system is very complicated, and the law is constantly evolving with new matters being disputed all the time. If you injure yourself at work and you go to all the...

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the bank is repossessing my home

The bank has served me with repossession proceedings

In our earlier blog “Help! The bank is selling my house”, we outlined several options when faced with the difficulty of not being able to make your next mortgage payment and...

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Family law property settlement and the engagement ring

She called off the wedding; does she keep the engagement ring

The Court has been known to take various approaches with engagement rings in Family Law property settlements, and generally the approach that the Court will take will depend on...

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What do I have to disclose when applying for a job

Do I have to disclose my previous workers compensation claim when applying for a job?

If a prospective employer does not ask you if you have previously had any workers compensation claims (WorkCover, Return to Work or Comcare) or have previously suffered any...

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