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Trademarks - all you need to know

Trademarks 101

They appear to be everywhere we look, but what really is a trademark and what is the benefit of having one registered?

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Family Law and social media

Is your social media account discoverable in your Family Court proceedings?

It may be argued that information posted on social media could be discoverable if it is relevant to an issue in your Family Law case.

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risks of medical procedures

My doctor didn’t tell me about the risks associated with my treatment

In medical negligence claims there are commonly allegations by patients of a failure to advise of the potential for adverse outcomes. Whilst it has long been the case that there...

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workers compensation and medical expenses

Workers compensation; are your medical expenses being paid?

When people are injured at work, their primary concern involves whether or not the injury will impact on their ongoing employment, or whether they will continue to get paid during...

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Criminal convictions record

Do past criminal convictions remain on your history forever?

If you have been convicted of a criminal offence then you know that the conviction will be disclosed on your criminal record. However, you may not be aware that certain adult...

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company director responsibilities

General duties of company directors

Whether you are a director of a small or medium sized proprietary limited company or a larger corporation, being appointed as a director places some very important...

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redemption of workers compensation entitlements

Workers compensation and redemptions; what does the Return to Work Act say?

Rather than the workers compensation Compensating Authority making weekly payments for a period of time, or constantly reimbursing medical expenses when incurred by a worker, the...

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Advance Care Directives; the detail’s important

An Advance Care Directive specifies your preferences for personal issues relating to your medical care and welfare and can allow you to appoint a substitute decision maker on your...

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disputing a workers compensation claim

Disputing a workers compensation decision

We are often surprised by the decisions case managers come to in relation to our client’s workers compensation claims. Many decisions seem to defy all logic and reason, and...

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