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Bike accident hit and run

Cyclists, have you experienced a “hit and run”?

Bike accidents can be particularly emotional as a cyclist feels powerless as they believe that they cannot hold anyone accountable for the accident and thus not be able to claim...

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home repossession

Help! The bank is selling my house

In difficult economic times, it is sometimes hard to make sure that you are on top of all the debts you owe. One of the largest debts that most people have is their mortgage.

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Legal costs in Family Law

Legal costs in Family Law

Clients are commonly concerned about the impact that legal costs may have as a result of Family Law proceedings. This concern is compounded when the client is led to believe that...

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Neighbour fence dispute

My neighbour says I need to shift our boundary fence

The fact that a particular structure like a fence or a garage wall may be encroaching on your neighbour’s land does not in all cases require you to remove it.

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Superannuation and my Will

Does my superannuation form part of my Will?

Often your superannuation is the biggest asset you have when you die. Many people do not know this, but your superannuation does not automatically form part of the assets under...

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Dealing with furniture in Family Law settlements

Furniture valuations in Family Law

In the family law jurisdiction, furniture is valued at second-hand value, such as that may be obtained at an auction, on EBay, Gumtree or at a garage sale. Even if the furniture...

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Disputing a Comcare decision

Comcare - disputing a decision about your claim

When a worker lodges their claim, often the assigned case manager has to perform some detailed investigations before responding to your claim. This investigation can include:

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owed money by company in liquidation

A company owes me money but is now in liquidation

If you are a creditor of a deregistered company, the first thing you need to establish is whether you are a secured or an unsecured creditor. A secured creditor is a creditor that...

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How to remove a caveat

Family Law property dispute. How can I remove a caveat?

We previously looked at the effect of lodging a caveat over a property and in what circumstances a party to a marriage or de facto relationship can lodge a caveat and keep a...

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