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Family Court time frames for Christmas 2015

How can I make sure I spend time with my children at Christmas?

We understand that Christmas, New Year and long summer school holidays can be an anxious time for separated families; both for parents and children. Unfortunately situations do...

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Can I change my Family Court Order regarding the care and living arrangements of my children?

When orders are made by the Family Law Court regarding the care and living arrangements of children they are based on the known circumstances of the parties and the children at...

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Is it worth lodging a caveat in Family Law proceedings?

Is it worth lodging a caveat in my property settlement matter?

A caveat is a relatively cheap way to note your interest in a property because the filing fee is only $155.00 (current as at September 2015) and the fees for preparing it are also...

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Workers compensation with two employers

I have a second job – what does this mean for my workers compensation claim?

If you are injured at work and you have more than one job, your workers compensation weekly payments for lost income should also include any income from your second job or any...

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Family Law court fees go down again

Family Law Court fees decreased as of 12 August 2015

As part of the recent Federal Government budget, it was announced that the filing fees for the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court would significantly increase as of 1 July...

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extension of time for family law property settlement

Family Law property settlement not done in time?

You can finalised property settlement and spousal maintenance with a binding financial agreement or consent order in the Family Court or by instituting proceedings in court. If...

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bike racks on cars

Bike racks on cars

If you have a bike rack attached to your car, you need to ensure that the number plate of the vehicle is not obstructed. To do this, you may need to:

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positive attitude to family law proceedings

Is attitude important in Family Law proceedings?

After seven years of practising in Family Law it would not be presumptuous to claim that I have witnessed a broad array of emotional reactions by those who are involved in Family...

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workers compensation hearing loss claim

Workers compensation and hearing loss

At Andersons, we work closely with many different clients from a variety of different industries. Many clients work in factories, processing plants other noisy environments, and...

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