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indepdendent medical assessment for workers compensation

Independent medical advisers under the Return to Work scheme

One significant change to workers compensation involves the introduction of Independent Medical Advisers (IMAs) whose expertise may be relied upon during the course of a workers...

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Difference between Family Court and Federal Circuit Court

What’s the difference between the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court?

There are two courts in Australia which deal with Family Law matters; the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia. Both Courts use the Family Law Act...

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New rental laws in South Australia for victims of domestic violence

New rental laws for South Australian domestic violence victims

In November 2015 new laws were passed in South Australia to provide protection against financial penalties for victims of domestic violence who are renting their homes.

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my commercial tenant is not paying their rent

What can I do if my commercial tenant doesn’t pay their rent?

You entered into a commercial lease on your property located on a busy retail street. Despite the tenant paying their rent for the first half of the year, their payments have been...

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minimise court penalties

Facing hefty criminal law penalties and want to try and minimise them?

We often receive inquiries from people who have found themselves in trouble with the Police. Sometimes this may relate to traffic or driving offences or theft or another criminal...

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Australian working visa

Working visas and all the different sub-classes

If you are not an Australian citizen but wish to work in Australia, it is important to ensure you have the appropriate visa.

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Bankruptcy and claw back provisions

Claw-back provisions in bankruptcy

A person can be made bankrupt if they owe more than $5000 and have no means or assets to pay. Once a person has been made a bankrupt, a trustee in bankruptcy is appointed to...

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redundancy and labour hire workers

Can I be made redundant if my employer is using labour hire workers?

Sometimes people lose their jobs due to redundancy; despite the fact that their employer is using labour hire companies to perform the work. Labour hire companies provide workers...

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Passport for my child

Can I get a passport for my child without the other parent’s consent?

Generally, when applying for your child’s passport consent must be given by both parents and any other person who has parental responsibility for that child.

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