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My spouse is not participating in Family Law property settlement discussions

My spouse is not participating in property settlement negotiations

Thursday November 3, 2016

Tina and Ike both immediately retained respective lawyers to represent them for their Family Law property settlement. Despite negotiating through letters for six months, no progression has been made. Ike’s lawyer only sends sporadic letters that don’t address all the points of negotiation and it’s clear that Ike does not instruct his lawyer correctly. This has led to a stalling of the process.   Read More  

Care arrangements for children of separated parents

My teenager is not so enthusiastic about the Family Law care arrangements

Thursday October 27, 2016

Until recently Marcia’s care arrangements have seen her live with each parent in alternate weeks. Three weeks ago Marcia refused to go to Carol’s house, telling Mike that Carol was obsessed with diet and exercise and was too strict with what Marcia could and couldn’t eat. Marcia also tells Mike that Carol doesn’t pay any attention to her and argues with her new boyfriend all the time.   Read More