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man riding in a bike lane

Cyclists and Car-Dooring

Car-dooring occurs when a driver parks their car on the side of the road and opens their door without checking for oncoming cyclists, often leaving the cyclist with no way to...

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine: Who decides if my loved one gets vaccinated? (Advance Care Directive)

What happens if you have been jointly appointed for your loved one's Advance Care Directive and the Decision Makers disagree on whether or not to vaccinate your loved one against...

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Fired employee hiding behind box with personal items

Toyota Manager fired for breach of contract

Mr Sherry had worked for Toyota for just shy of 20 years and was terminated 1 day before he was entitled to receive $379,268 for redundancy pay. What happened?

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine: What happens when Co-Parents disagree?

What happens when parents who share equal parental responsibility can't agree on if their children should be vaccinated against Covid-19?

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young man caring for an elder woman

10 Things to Consider When Appointing a Power of Attorney

Elder abuse is becoming a serious problem in South Australia. Before appointing a particular person or persons as your Power of Attorney, consider these 10 things.

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Young woman in the damaged car after a car accident, making a phone call

Can I make a CTP Claim while on the Lifetime Support Scheme?

If you are a participant of the Lifetime Support Scheme, did you know you may still be able to make a claim through the CTP scheme? Find out how.

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estate planning

5 Lessons to be Learnt from Larry King's Estate

With a net worth of $50M, news anchor Larry King allegedly penned a Will on 17 October 2019, which may cause legal headaches for his loved ones.

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property settlement

Can I do my divorce and property settlement online and without a lawyer?

The real question is: is an online settlement the best way of navigating the situation for you and your family?

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counting coins

Do I receive my full income while on workers compensation?

This blog relates to the South Australian Return to Work Scheme. Many injured workers are covered by the federal Comcare Scheme which provides different rights and entitlements....

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