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christmas broken heart

Christmas often sees a spike in separations – think before you act in haste

Sadly, while the Christmas period is supposed to be a time for families to get away from work or school and enjoy the holiday season together, it’s also a time when the family...

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feet, socks, family christmas

How can I see my children over Christmas?

It is really common to see separated parents in dispute about the arrangements for children over Christmas; whether it be Christmas Day, school holiday time or taking the children...

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police car

The silly season is upon us! So what's the real cost of drink driving?

It's a Friday night and one after-work drink has turned into several. You drove into work that day and really would prefer to wake up tomorrow with your car in your drive way....

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christmas broken heart

10 tips to save you time, money and emotion during a separation and divorce

The Christmas and holiday period is a time where we unfortunately see a rise in separation and divorce. This year has also been particularly stressful with COVID-19 restrictions...

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CFS Fire truck

The SA Country Fire Service: Protecting life, property and the environment

The Australian community dreads bushfire season. Last summer we again witnessed the devastating effects of bushfires with tragic loss of life (human, livestock and wildlife), and...

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court pillars

The Priority Property Pool list in the Federal Circuit Court – A new way to litigate?

On 7 February 2020, His Honour Justice William Alstergren introduced a new way to litigate financial cases to the Federal Circuit Court registries called the Priority Property...

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man with broken leg

Can I quit my job while on workers compensation?

Many clients who have been injured at work and are on Return to Work workers compensation, feel that they are not receiving appropriate support from their employer to assist with...

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Do I still handover children during lockdown?

With another lockdown in South Australia suddenly upon us, what do the new COVID-19 restrictions mean for separated parents with children? Can separated parents hand over their...

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gender dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria cases in the Family Court - update on the case of Re Imogen

After the release of our blog on Gender Dysphoria the Family Court of Australia handed down judgment on 10 September 2020 in the matter of Re Imogen (No 6) [2020] FAMCA 761. This...

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