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separation and divorce

Can my ex claim my superannuation even though we’re not married?

When entering a de facto relationship, it’s important to be aware that your partner may be entitled to a portion of your assets, including superannuation, if the relationship...

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workplace injury

What do I do if my employer encourages me not to lodge a workers compensation claim?

If you are injured at work but do not lodge a claim, you are putting yourself at risk.

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estate planning

Understanding Discretionary Trusts and Second-Generation Estate Planning

Succession planning of trusts requires careful consideration to ensure that an appropriate structure is set up for the trust to be functional and the distribution of income and...

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Property Settlement South Australia

Can I Lose My Deposit in a Property Settlement?

If you don't complete settlement on a property purchase by the agreed date, you can lose your deposit. Property Lawyer Nick Black explains the ins and outs of property settlement...

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family relationships in COVID

Has COVID-19 had a negative impact on your relationship?

Stats show that COVID-19 has negatively impacted relationships around Australia with the divorce rate on the rise. Eva Bailey explores the issue below.

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Selina Nikoloudakis, Andersons Solicitors

Partner Selina Nikoloudakis' 5 Tips to Secure Your First Legal Job

Partner Selina Nikoloudakis was recently announced as a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards for ‘Mentor of the year’. As a result, a number of people reached out to...

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cyclists riding in bike lane

Have questions about South Australia's Cycling Laws?

Andersons provide your answers to South Australia's road rules below and what to do if you’re involved in an accident.

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man injured at work

There are consequences if you delay reporting a workplace injury

Although reporting workplace injuries can be confronting and workers can be apprehensive about reporting an injury to management, it is important that reporting occurs as soon as...

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medical negligence pregnancy labour and birth

When failure to provide medical treatment with due care in pregnancy and birth can lead to a medical negligence claim.

A medical negligence claim can arise from medical treatment during pregnancy, labour and birth when there is a failure by the doctors, nurses and/or a hospital to provide medical...

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