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Sacked but want your job back

Can I get my job back if I’ve been unfairly dismissed?

In an unfair dismissal application, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) has the power to order that the dismissed worker be reinstated to their job. In fact, reinstatement is the...

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Choosing the right lawyer for your needs

Okay, I need a lawyer but how do I choose one?

Eventually “it” happens to all of us and you need to decide what to do. You need to get the right advice – you are going to be making some big calls about your future based on...

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How does a father get his name on the child's birth certificate?

How can I get my name on my child’s birth certificate?

To get your name onto a child's birth certificate you need to attend Births, Deaths and Marriages and obtain the paperwork required to add yourself as the father on the child's...

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The danger of Free Will Kits

Don’t believe the hype about Free Will Kits

Stop writing your Will on the side of that elusive cow or coaster and fold up your Will Kit. Speak to one of our Wills and Estates lawyers about your particular will needs today.

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Risks of informal childrens arrangements in Family Law

The risks of informal children’s arrangements in Family Law

Brax and Ricki have one child together, a son named Casey. When Casey was approximately one year old, Casey’s parents decided to separate. The separation between the parents was...

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bike helmet with camera affixed

Can I put a GoPro or other camera on my bike helmet?

These days it is common to see cyclists and motorcyclists with cameras such as GoPro’s or lights attached to their bike helmets. There is some confusion in the community as to...

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supervised time with my child

What does supervised time with my child mean?

In some Family Law cases there may be a good reason for parties themselves to agree that it is in a child's best interests to spend time with a parent under supervision rather...

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International Workers Memorial Day 2016

International Workers Memorial Day 2016

International Workers Memorial Day is commemorated annually and its purpose is to remember those who have died or have suffered life changing injuries during the course of their...

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60 Minutes bungled child recovery Lebanon

60 Minutes bungled child recovery operation

You would have to be hiding under a rock not to have heard about the bungled “child recovery” operation involving the 60 Minutes crew in Lebanon. The 60 Minutes team and Ms...

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