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How does jury empanelment work?

How does Jury empanelment work?

Thursday January 19, 2017

It is important to note that not all criminal matters require involvement with a jury. For example, minor matters (‘summary’ or ‘minor indictable’ offences) heard in the Magistrates Court are heard by the Magistrate without the presence of a jury. However, if the alleged offence is more serious, the matter is referred to a higher court, most commonly the District Court but sometimes the Supreme Court for the most serious offences including murder.   Read More  

Run out of sick leave but you're still sick?

Run out of sick leave but you’re still sick?

Thursday January 12, 2017

A large part of our work at Andersons involves assisting clients who have been injured while at work. To protect their income and medical expenses, they are able to claim workers compensation either through Return to Work (the South Australian system) or Comcare (the Federal system). But what happens if you have been injured outside of work and cannot attend to your normal duties either in the short or longer term?   Read More