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domestic violence and unfair dismissal

Domestic violence and an unfair dismissal case

There is growing recognition that domestic violence is an issue that affects every aspect of our lives, including our work. Some Unions have been advocating for the inclusion of...

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same sex marriage overseas

Are overseas same sex marriages recognised in Australia?

Same sex marriage is still unavailable in Australia but is available in a number of other countries.

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Can injured workers force their employer to give them work

Can injured workers force their employers to give them work?

On 1 July 2015 new legislation governing workers compensation claims in South Australia came into operation. One of the objects of the Return to Work Act 2014 (the RTW Act),...

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School pickup for separated parents

How do separated parents arrange school pickup?

We often have clients who run into difficulties with their former partners about collecting the children from school and there is a lot of confusion about what can and cannot be...

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NDIS and your personal injury claim

NDIS and your personal injury claim

The National Disability Insurance Scheme - I know a mouthful let’s just go with “NDIS” like everyone else. The National Disability Insurance Agency – your second mouthful is also...

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employer deductions from wages

Can my employer deduct money from my wages?

The Fair Work Act (2009) governs the employment of the great majority of employees in Australia. Section 324 of the Fair Work Act (the Act) outlines the circumstances in which an...

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 How can I get my child's surname changed

How can I get my child’s surname changed?

Clients commonly ask about having their child’s name changed to include both parents’ surnames after separation. It is generally the mother who seeks the name change so that her...

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Annual leave changes coming

Annual leave changes coming!

Every four years the full bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) is required to review modern awards. Modern awards are the instrument that provides for minimum rates of pay and...

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Family Law Consent Orders

Consent Orders - do I need a lawyer?

Consent Orders are Court Orders made by agreement between the parties and are a legally binding document commonly used in Family Law proceedings for property settlement and/or...

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