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What if something goes wrong with my beauty or cosmetic procedure

What if something goes wrong with my beauty or cosmetic procedure?

Tuesday February 28, 2017

Beauty and cosmetic procedures are a booming industry in Australia. We have been receiving more calls in recent times in relation to injuries people have suffered as a result of beauty therapy or cosmetic procedures. Some of the injuries suffered have included infections which have complicated scarring and their long term health issues, burns which required hospitalisation, and allergic reactions.   Read More  

Medical tourism - question everything

Medical tourism - what could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday February 21, 2017

In recent times, reports suggest that more people are taking up the option to have medical treatment done overseas for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it is out of necessity; for example a certain surgical procedure is only done in another country or access to specialist drug trials not being under taken in Australia. Sometimes it is to circumvent the law in their country; for example, where abortion is illegal or stem cell use is illegal or limited. Price is often also taken into consideration as some procedures have significantly lower costs.   Read More  

How does Family Law separation deal with pets

Separated? What about the family pets?

Thursday February 16, 2017

Laura and Riley were married with two children, Chloe and Mitch. Last Christmas Laura and Riley finally gave in to the childrens constantly badgering them for a French Bulldog. The children were overjoyed on Christmas day and called the puppy Murphy. Laura and Riley recently separated and can’t agree on who is to keep Murphy. Everyone loves him dearly and both parties want to keep him. How are animals dealt with in Family Law?   Read More