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covid vaccination in children

What happens if parents disagree on vaccinating their child against COVID-19?

With the roll out of COVID-19 vaccinations for Australian children aged 5-11 this week, many parents are rushing to have their little ones protected. But what happens when parents...

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dealing with a narcissistic personality in divorce

Dealing With a Narcissistic Personality in a Divorce

The Law Society of South Australia recently published an article written by Selina Nikoloudakis - Partner at Andersons Solicitors about dealing with narcissistic personalities in...

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car accident

Why Should I Lodge a Motor Vehicle Claim?

If you have suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, passenger or driver it is important that you contact the CTP Regulator on 1300 303 558...

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personal injury claim

I tripped and fell on a footpath; can I make a claim?

If you have tripped and fallen on a footpath, in a carpark, alley or similar and suffered personal injury, loss and damage as a result of the fall then, in certain circumstances,...

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separation at Christmas

5 tips to assist those who have separated to survive the festive season.

Christmas can be a particularly difficult time for families who are separating. Here we share with you our 5 tips to assist those who have separated or contemplating separation...

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Selina Nikoloudakis, Andersons Solicitors

5 Tips To Assist Senior Legal Practitioners Pursuing a Career in Law

Over the past month, Family Law Partner and Accredited Specialist Selina Nikoloudakis has written articles providing her 5 tips to secure your first legal job and 5 tips for young...

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mandating vaccines in the workplace

COVID-19 Vaccine: Can my employer mandate or enforce a vaccine?

Andersons Employment Law specialist Margaret Kaukas considers this question in this article and provides expert opinion on whether an employer can mandate or enforce a vaccine.

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workplace injury

Does my workers compensation lump sum payment end my entitlement to weekly payments?

A lump sum claim for permanent impairment can be confusing. Some workers believe that their various other entitlements cease once they receive a lump sum payment. Jeff Widera...

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wills and estates

Is Superannuation Included in a Deceased Estate?

There are many frequently asked questions around superannuation death benefits and Andersons Senior Associate Lynn Pham addresses some of these FAQs in the article below.

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