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When will I need to have a barrister in Family Law

When will I need a barrister for my Family Law matter?

Retaining a barrister can be a subjective choice of the client. If the client specifically wants a barrister to appear for them in court rather than their solicitor, then the...

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Delays in the criminal justice system South Australia

The Early Resolution Court South Australia

To combat the delays and the significant stress that can result from waiting so many months to attend Court, a new forum has been established to deal with certain matters quickly....

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Difference between a barrister and a solicitor

What is the difference between a barrister and a solicitor?

Generally a solicitor spends a great deal of their time involved in the day-to-day legal affairs of their clients. A barrister (also known as “Counsel”) spends most of their time...

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South Australian Return to Work Parliamentary submissions September 2016

South Australia’s harsh workers compensation scheme and the Parliamentary submissions we hope will make a difference

At Andersons Solicitors, we believe that a decent and fair workers compensation system should appropriately compensate workers for lost income (during periods of incapacity) as...

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Been called for jury duty?

What does Jury duty involve?

All South Australians who appear on the Electoral Roll can be required to perform jury service. There are some exceptions to the requirement to attend for jury service, and these...

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The risks and benefits associated with caesarean births

Should my doctor have offered me a caesarean section?

By and large the medical profession do not advocate for caesarean sections except in emergency situations or where a patient has undergone previous caesarean sections.

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What happens if you breach your bond?

Criminal charges? What happens if you breach your bond?

When an offender pleads guilty to an offence or is found guilty of an offence, the Magistrate or Judge has several options available to them in handing down sentence.

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Do I have the right to see my grandchildren

Do I have a right to see my grandchildren?

One of the recurring problems of a separation between parents that we see is the effect on children spending time with their grandparents. Usually the main focus is on the...

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Can I make my Will by video?

Can I make my Will by video?

With the proliferation of mobile phones and other portable recording devices and the movement away from paper-based documents, it’s not too difficult to envisage a time when...

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