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Is my overseas marriage recognised in Australia?

Is my overseas marriage recognised in Australia?

The Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) is the legislation which determines whether a marriage is valid in Australia. The definition of marriage under that Act is: the union of a man and a...

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The different Criminal courts in South Australia

To combat the differences in severity and prevalence of certain offences, South Australia has established different courts to deal with different offences. There is a ‘court...

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Get your agreements and contracts in writing, not just a handshake

Made an agreement with someone and you want to rely on it later? Get it in writing!

The number one symptom that would reveal why you should get the agreement in writing is that the discussion about getting it in writing is too unpleasant to have. It will be much...

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How does jury empanelment work?

How does Jury empanelment work?

It is important to note that not all criminal matters require involvement with a jury. For example, minor matters (‘summary’ or ‘minor indictable’ offences) heard in the...

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Death of one party during Family Law settlement

Family Law property settlement and the death of a party

When dealing with a Family Law property settlement the Family Law Act regards the death of a former spouse or partner differently depending on whether proceedings have commenced...

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Run out of sick leave but you're still sick?

Run out of sick leave but you’re still sick?

A large part of our work at Andersons involves assisting clients who have been injured while at work. To protect their income and medical expenses, they are able to claim workers...

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Getting consent to change your child's school

Do I need to consult with my ex before changing my child’s school?

By default at law, all parents have what is known as ‘parental responsibility’ for their child. This means that decisions about major long term issues regarding a child are to be...

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Aggravated assault charges

What are “aggravated” criminal offences?

Some offences seem serious on their own. For example, assaulting someone can leave the victim with significant injuries that can affect not only the victim, but their family and...

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Family Law property settlement issues

My husband gave me an STD! Can I make him pay in a property settlement?

The no-fault principle in Family Law is designed to reduce the hostile nature of divorce and to encourage alternative dispute resolution as opposed to confrontation, heated court...

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