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Domestic Partnerships

Friday March 2, 2018

Prior to amendments to the Act in August 2017, the only avenue for a couple who wished to have their relationship legally recognised was to obtain a Declaration from a Court that they are (or were on a certain date) the domestic partners, one or the other. This involves a formal application to the Court together with evidence of the relationship to be provided. After considering all the evidence and conducting a hearing, the Court then considers whether the Declaration should be made.   Read More  

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Senate Inquiry into Cyberbullying Laws in Australia Underway

Friday February 23, 2018

Ensuring that the criminal justice system provides adequate laws to combat bullying and cyberbullying is especially important in the current age. Following the tragic suicide deaths of multiple students around the country, a Senate committee has now been tasked with examining the adequacy of existing offences in the Commonwealth Criminal Code and in State and Territory criminal laws to capture cyberbullying.   Read More