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What powers of arrest do the police have?

Monday May 28, 2018

The importance of professional policing in our society cannot be underestimated. Police are there in times of personal or community emergencies. They help us travel safely on our roads, and allow us to thrive in a safe community, free from crime and disorder and filled with freedom, security and justice. The Australian public have, over the years, come to rely on the police force to provide our community with each of these fundamental values.   Read More  

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Domestic Partnerships

Friday March 2, 2018

Prior to amendments to the Act in August 2017, the only avenue for a couple who wished to have their relationship legally recognised was to obtain a Declaration from a Court that they are (or were on a certain date) the domestic partners, one or the other. This involves a formal application to the Court together with evidence of the relationship to be provided. After considering all the evidence and conducting a hearing, the Court then considers whether the Declaration should be made.   Read More