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Separation & School Fees

After separation, who pays the private school fees?

One major issue of contention that separated parents often face is payment of school fees, particularly when they are private school fees which as at 2017 in South Australia,...

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hands on smart phones - a group of friends using mobile phones sitting at the table

How can the court assess the damage to my reputation when I’ve been defamed on social media?

Since the advent of the digital world, defamatory material can be republished, reposted and retweeted within seconds and to millions. As a result, it can be almost impossible to...

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Base of law court columns

Attorney-General's proposal to change the family law system

On the 30th of May, the Attorney-General Christian Porter announced that there will be changes made to the family law system, which involves the merging of the Family Court and...

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Interim payment options from motor vehicle accident

My motor vehicle accident claim hasn’t been finalised yet. Are there interim payments I can claim to alleviate financial hardship?

If you’ve made a compensation claim as result of Motor Vehicle Accident injuries and are suffering financial hardship, there are options for obtaining some interim payments.

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Police Car with Flashing Lights

What powers of arrest do the police have?

The importance of professional policing in our society cannot be underestimated. Police are there in times of personal or community emergencies. They help us travel safely on our...

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Question mark heap on table concept for confusion, question or solution

What is an Advance Care Directive and what can they do that your family members can’t?

An Advanced Care Directive (ACD) is a legal document that specifies your healthcare and treatment wishes should you be in a position where you are unable to make this decision for...

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divitto parenting app

Co-parenting after separation- here is an app that can help

Relationships break down for many reasons and unfortunately, it is not always on good terms. However being able to effectively and amicably co-parent with your ex-partner is very...

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drug driving

New Drug Driving Laws Now in Effect in South Australia

On 8 March 2018 new drug driving laws came into effect in South Australia. These laws were made by the South Australian Parliament in November 2017. The new laws have introduced...

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barnaby joyce behind some pears

Can a family lawyer save Barnaby Joyce?

In February 2018 the Daily Telegraph newspaper announced that Barnaby Joyce was expecting a baby with his former staffer Ms Vikki Campion. This followed the announcement by Mr...

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