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Estate Claims in South Australia

Will the proposed Succession Act 2021 Prevent People With Genuine Need From Making Estate Claims?

The proposed Succession Bill 2021 (SA) aims to incorporate current legislation dealing with estate and succession law into a single act. The State Government has justified these...

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estate planning in South Australia

The changing nature of costs in Estate Litigation South Australia

Increasingly high scrutiny will be paid to claimants who do not properly consider whether their claim has merit, and the court has shown a willingness to order exceptional costs...

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COVID Workers Compensation Claim

Is it possible to claim workers compensation if COVID-19 is contracted at work?

A recent finding has been made in the New South Wales Personal Injury Commission that the family of a worker who died as a result of contracting COVID-19 in the course of a work...

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Psychiatric Injuries in the Workplace and Reasonable Administrative Action

Psychiatric Injuries in the Workplace and Reasonable Administrative Action

If a worker suffers a psychiatric injury as a result of their employment which requires them to take time off work and/or incur medical expenses for treatment, they can lodge a...

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Family Court Orders

New National Contravention List to Enforce Family Court Orders

Along with the merger of the Federal Circuit Court and Family Court of Australia into what will now be known as the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA), the new...

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Work Place Accidents

Changes to Assessment of Permanent Impairment under the Return to Work Scheme

In May of this year, Return to Work SA put out a consultation paper on proposed changes to the Impairment Assessment Guidelines (IAG) for injured workers. On 24 August 2021, a...

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Family Law Andersons Solicitors

The Family Court and Federal Circuit Court Merger - what does it mean for you?

On 17 February 2021, the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Bill 2019 was passed into law. We attempt to address some of the many questions both the public and...

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iphone with social media apps

Social Media and Family Law: the New Age Evidence

The Family Court has shown a tendency to allow social media content to be tendered into evidence in Family Law proceedings. So what is ‘evidence'?

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woman making a call after a car crash

Should I see a lawyer for a CTP Claim?

Are you receiving everything you are entitled to? Find out the answers to 5 commonly asked questions about seeing a lawyer for a CTP Claim.

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