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South Australian Return to Work Parliamentary submissions September 2016

South Australia’s harsh workers compensation scheme and the Parliamentary submissions we hope will make a difference

At Andersons Solicitors, we believe that a decent and fair workers compensation system should appropriately compensate workers for lost income (during periods of incapacity) as...

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Ombudsman finds systematic rejection of valid workers compensation claims in Victoria

Ombudsman finds systematic rejection of valid workers compensation claims in Victoria

A recent Four Corners report on the ABC exposed the appalling situation in Victoria relating to police officers and other emergency services personnel who suffer psychiatric...

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Return to Work legislation shameful

Some elements of the Return to Work scheme are shameful – the consequence of the Pennington decision

A just and equitable workers compensation scheme would ordinarily protect those injured workers and compensate them for their financial losses whilst they recover from their...

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Can injured workers force their employer to give them work

Can injured workers force their employers to give them work?

On 1 July 2015 new legislation governing workers compensation claims in South Australia came into operation. One of the objects of the Return to Work Act 2014 (the RTW Act),...

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Act now to protect your workers compensation rights

Workers compensation in South Australia – what’s happening from 30 June 2016?

Many workers who injured themselves before July 2015 (when the repealed Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1986 existed) have been subjected to complex and often unfair...

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Workers Compensation Return to Work Coordinator

Should my employer appoint a Return to Work Coordinator?

An important aspect of the Return to Work workers compensation scheme which became operational in July 2015 is the establishment of certified ‘Return to Work Coordinators’ (“RTW...

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indepdendent medical assessment for workers compensation

Independent medical advisers under the Return to Work scheme

One significant change to workers compensation involves the introduction of Independent Medical Advisers (IMAs) whose expertise may be relied upon during the course of a workers...

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Workers compensation stress claims

I am depressed because of work issues and want to claim workers compensation?

All too often clients seek legal advice after developing significant psychological problems as a result of workplace stressors. Sometimes workers feel that they have been bullied,...

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Workers compensation with two employers

I have a second job – what does this mean for my workers compensation claim?

If you are injured at work and you have more than one job, your workers compensation weekly payments for lost income should also include any income from your second job or any...

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