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Will a workers compensation claim impact on my future job prospects?

Clients often tell us of their frustration and struggles gaining employment after prospective employers have found out about a previous workplace injury and workers compensation...

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Can injured workers force their employers to give them work?

It is only natural that when workers injure themselves at work and cannot perform all their usual duties, they can become anxious and fearful about their career. Will the boss be...

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Return To Work SA

10 tips for filling out a Return To Work SA Claim Form

Completing a Return To Work SA Claim Form is not always straight forward. As part of our "10 Things to Know Series" for workers compensation claims, we've developed a checklist of...

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You are not alone: facing the challenges of a workers compensation claim

Earlier this week the ABC’s Four Corners program featured a story on the struggle of workers covered by the State workers compensation schemes in Victoria and New South Wales. ...

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Can I quit my job while on workers compensation ?

Many clients who have been injured at work and are on Return to Work workers compensation, feel that they are not receiving appropriate support from their employer to assist with...

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Injured at work during a notice period: a positive outcome for our client

Andersons Solicitors was approached by a client who had suffered a very serious injury in her employment after falling from a height. At the time she suffered this injury, our...

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Third party recovery after a work accident

If you are injured whilst at work in South Australia you are entitled under the Return to Work Act 2014 (SA) to make a claim for compensation, however, an injured worker under...

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There are consequences if you delay reporting a workplace injury

There are consequences if you delay reporting a workplace injury

Even a delay in reporting the workplace injury of more than 24 hours can be sufficient justification to reject a valid workers compensation claim.

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The legal and ethical requirements of doctors in workers compensation cases

I’ve had a car accident and need help with the housework and garden

Doctors play a vital role within the workers compensation system. Their opinions can assist with workers returning to employment quickly in their previous role or an alternative...

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