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Major changes proposed to Return to Work payments

Return to Work SA has recently put out a consultation paper on proposed changes to the Impairment Assessment Guidelines (IAG) for injured workers. What will the impact be?

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International Workers Memorial Day 2020

Approximately 1 million workers die each year because of injuries or diseases associated with the workplace. We commemorate those who have lost their lives in workplace accidents.

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Do I receive my full income while on workers compensation?

This blog relates to the South Australian Return to Work Scheme. Many injured workers are covered by the federal Comcare Scheme which provides different rights and entitlements....

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Disputing a workers compensation decision

This blog explains the process of disputing a workers compensation decision, if believe you case manager has made a decision regarding my workers compensation claim that is...

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Working in hot conditions - what are your workers rights?

With the summer months now upon us, its important that you and your workplace are well equipped to face hot conditions. If you do suffer an injury as a result of heat exposure,...

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Can I quit my job while on workers compensation?

Many clients who have been injured at work and are on Return to Work workers compensation, feel that they are not receiving appropriate support from their employer to assist with...

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Will a workers compensation claim impact on my future job prospects?

Clients often tell us of their frustration and struggles gaining employment after prospective employers have found out about a previous workplace injury and workers compensation...

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Can injured workers force their employers to give them work?

It is only natural that when workers injure themselves at work and cannot perform all their usual duties, they can become anxious and fearful about their career. Will the boss be...

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Return To Work SA

10 tips for filling out a Return To Work SA Claim Form

Completing a Return To Work SA Claim Form is not always straight forward. As part of our "10 Things to Know Series" for workers compensation claims, we've developed a checklist of...

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