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International Workers Memorial Day 2020

Approximately 1 million workers die each year because of injuries or diseases associated with the workplace. We commemorate those who have lost their lives in workplace accidents.

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Injured at work during a notice period: a positive outcome for our client

Andersons Solicitors was approached by a client who had suffered a very serious injury in her employment after falling from a height. At the time she suffered this injury, our...

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Commemorating workers who have lost their lives from workplace injury

International Workers Memorial Day 2017

Many lives have been damaged irreparably because of workplace accidents. All of us want to go to work with the intention of returning home safely to our loved ones. But workplace...

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CFS truck

CFS volunteers – what are their rights and entitlements?

During late 2014 and early 2015, barely a day has gone by without reports of tragic losses of property, livestock and wildlife as a result of fires raging across Australia,...

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employment law leave entitlements while on Workcover

Do I still accrue leave entitlements whilst I am in receipt of workers compensation payments?

Many workers worry about their entitlements to leave such as annual leave, sick leave, long service leave when they are in receipt of workers compensation payments.

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