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Lodging a Tax Return for a Deceased Estate

Tax doesn’t simply go away when a person passes away. So who lodges a tax return for a deceased estate?

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine: Who decides if Residential Care residents are vaccinated?

Residential Care residents are in Phase 1 of the COVID-19 vaccination program. What does this mean for residents?

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Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vaccine: Who decides if my loved one gets vaccinated? (Advance Care Directive)

What happens if you have been jointly appointed for your loved one's Advance Care Directive and the Decision Makers disagree on whether or not to vaccinate your loved one against...

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young man caring for an elder woman

10 Things to Consider When Appointing a Power of Attorney

Elder abuse is becoming a serious problem in South Australia. Before appointing a particular person or persons as your Power of Attorney, consider these 10 things.

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estate planning

5 Lessons to be Learnt from Larry King's Estate

With a net worth of $50M, news anchor Larry King allegedly penned a Will on 17 October 2019, which may cause legal headaches for his loved ones.

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legal pillars

Can you make promises to someone then make a Will that does not reflect those wishes?

Over the past week, you would have come across various news articles about a Sydney couple who inherit a $40million estate from their neighbour. You have even wondered, how on...

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Are Online Wills too good to be true?

Online Wills can be convenient, however they can present a number of problem. In this blog post we explain what these problems are and why an online Will is often too good to be...

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wills and estates

What happens to a persons assets if they die without a valid Will?

When a person dies their assets have to be dealt with. Assets held in joint names as joint tenants such as the home will automatically become the property of the surviving joint...

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same sex couple holding hands

I am in a same-sex de facto relationship - do I need a Will? 

Having a Will is especially important if you are in a same-sex, de facto relationship. In this situation, if you don’t have a Will, it is quite possible that your partner will not...

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