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Early release superannuation: What you should know

Due to the financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis, and the near shut down of our economy, many people will lose their jobs or have to cope with reduced hours of work and/ or...

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man on hospital bed with broken leg

Am I eligible to receive payments from my superannuation policy if I suffer a temporary injury or illness?

Many people will experience some illness or injury throughout their working life which will render them incapable of undertaking their usual duties for a period of time.

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Does my superannuation policy have life insurance?

For the second blog of our superannuation series we discuss insurance benefits in superannuation policies. One common insurance is a form of life insurance, also called ‘death...

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What is superannuation?

With the aging of Australia's population, more and more Australians are looking forward to their retirement, with travel, relaxation and spending more time doing the things they...

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dependents under tax law

When are you a dependant? Differences under the tax and superannuation laws

These days, many working people accumulate superannuation throughout their working lives. Upon their death, a deceased person’s superannuation death benefits (if any) will be left...

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Administrators obligations for super benefits

Administrators obligation to apply for superannuation benefits

A great number of people do not understand the importance of having a Will and of having well considered superannuation nominations in place. They are important, and for many...

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Super Tribunal for South Australia

New Super Tribunal for South Australia. What will it mean for me?

In 1983 the South Australian Law Reform Commission recommended the establishment of a State Administrative Appeals Body. It has been a long time coming but it now appears that a...

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building indemnity insurance

What is building indemnity insurance and do I need it on my home build?

Building indemnity insurance is insurance which is taken out by the builder for your benefit to protect against the builder being unable to complete (or rectify faulty) domestic...

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