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CFS Fire truck

The SA Country Fire Service: Protecting life, property and the environment

The Australian community dreads bushfire season. Last summer we again witnessed the devastating effects of bushfires with tragic loss of life (human, livestock and wildlife), and...

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man with broken leg

Can I quit my job while on workers compensation?

Many clients who have been injured at work and are on Return to Work workers compensation, feel that they are not receiving appropriate support from their employer to assist with...

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Return To Work SA

10 tips for filling out a Return To Work SA Claim Form

Completing a Return To Work SA Claim Form is not always straight forward. As part of our "10 Things to Know Series" for workers compensation claims, we've developed a checklist of...

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man with broken leg

You are not alone: facing the challenges of a workers compensation claim

Earlier this week the ABC’s Four Corners program featured a story on the struggle of workers covered by the State workers compensation schemes in Victoria and New South Wales. ...

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bike rider

Bike Riders v Potholes: Is the Council liable for injuries caused by defects in the road?

We are frequently contacted by cyclists with queries about whether a Council can be held liable for injuries sustained as a result of encountering a pothole in the road, or...

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What to do if you have been exposed to silica dust?

With the increased popularity of certain composite stone material, many workers are being exposed to the potentially fatal silica dust. This blog explains Silicosis and your...

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car accident with injuries

Claims for compensation against interstate insured drivers

This blog explains your options to make a claim for injuries or death if you are involved in an accident where the at-fault driver is insured in another State or Territory.

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man on hospital bed with broken leg

Can I claim assistance provided by family members in a personal injury claim?

When a person is injured and claiming compensation, care provided by family members for that injury can be claimed as gratuitous care/voluntary services.

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cemetery statue

Wrongful death - can parents, spouses and partners be compensated?

When a person is injured and another person is responsible for that injury, the injured person may be entitled to receive compensation (otherwise known as "damages") for the loss...

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