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All you need to know about making a personal injury claim

A simple guide on what to expect when making a personal injury claim

So you’ve had an injury where someone else may have been at fault or negligent. Deciding to lodge a claim for compensation for personal injury, and even consulting a legal...

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Motor vehicle accident personal injury claim

I’m responsible for a car accident where someone was injured. What do I do?

Just as Jenny's car crosses the right side of the road, she collides with a cyclist. The cyclist is knocked from his bike and lands with a crunch 10 metres away. In shock Jenny...

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Motor vehicle accident compensation claim

How long do motor accident compensation claims take to finalise?

One of the most common questions we hear from clients is “when will this be all over?” This is a perfectly reasonable question to ask as there are a number of complex steps that...

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Bike accident hit and run

Cyclists, have you experienced a “hit and run”?

Bike accidents can be particularly emotional as a cyclist feels powerless as they believe that they cannot hold anyone accountable for the accident and thus not be able to claim...

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cyclist hit by car door

Cyclists and car dooring

The number of cyclists travelling to and from Adelaide’s CBD has roughly doubled over the last decade. Also, as roadside bicycle lanes and dedicated bicycles paths have expanded...

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car accident claim with no other driver

Can I claim motor accident compensation if the other driver cannot be found

Whenever a motor vehicle accident occurs, drivers of all vehicles involved are required to stop at the scene to exchange their details and provide assistance where needed. In...

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car accident and dependency claims

Are dependency claims affected by the changes to the motor vehicle accident laws?

Traditionally the law has recognised the right to bring a claim for compensation by the survivors of a person who has died in a car accident. The essence of that claim is that...

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bike injury compensation scheme

How are cyclists faring with the new motor accident compensation scheme?

If you are injured in a road accident your injuries must now meet a defined, and very high, threshold before any compensation is awarded. A person’s injury must exceed 10 points...

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