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Gender Dysphoria, Children and the Family Court

Over the past decade, there has been a growing trend of applications to the Family Court of Australia for the authorisation of medical treatment of children who have been...

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I am in a same-sex de facto relationship - do I need a Will? 

Having a Will is especially important if you are in a same-sex, de facto relationship. In this situation, if you don’t have a Will, it is quite possible that your partner will not...

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Chronology of marriage equality and social rights in Australia

The past decade alone has seen significant changes in laws surrounding treatment and discrimination of the LGBTIQ+ community. This blog outlines the timeline of marriage equality...

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Marriage and Divorce: Australian trends

The marriage and divorce trends discussed in this blog allow us to better understand where there has been a shift, and whether it may affect you.

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Who is a parent? The case of Masson v Parsons

Last week the High Court of Australia handed down a highly anticipated decision in the case of Masson v Parsons. This case deals with the legal definition of 'parent' and...

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Domestic Partnerships

Prior to amendments to the Act in August 2017, the only avenue for a couple who wished to have their relationship legally recognised was to obtain a Declaration from a Court that...

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Family Court judgment handed down; Kelvin gender dysphoria treatment case

Family Court judgment handed down; "re Kelvin" gender dysphoria treatment case

The Full Court of the Family Court has handed down a judgment which sees a major change in the way young people with gender dysphoria access treatment.

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In a same sex relationship with one child?

Under the Family Law Act (the Act) the parents of a child are responsible for the care, welfare and development of the child. Each parent of a child has parental responsibility...

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