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divitto parenting app

Co-parenting after separation- here is an app that can help

Relationships break down for many reasons and unfortunately, it is not always on good terms. However being able to effectively and amicably co-parent with your ex-partner is very...

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bearded man and red headed woman with paperwork

Domestic Partnerships

Prior to amendments to the Act in August 2017, the only avenue for a couple who wished to have their relationship legally recognised was to obtain a Declaration from a Court that...

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Disclosure in Family Law cases

Can I use documents disclosed during my property settlement for child support assessment?

Documents which are exchanged between the parties to a Family Law dispute are solely to be used for the purpose of attempting to resolve that specific matter. They are not to be...

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discretionary trusts and family law property settlement

I am a beneficiary of a discretionary trust. Do I need to disclose trust documents in my Family Law proceedings?

Olivia is a beneficiary to a discretionary family trust and generally receives an annual distribution from the family trust of around $50,000. How will this be treated in Family...

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Family Law and "Recovery Orders" for children

Do you need to seek a “Recovery Order” to have your child returned by your ex-partner?

In this Family Law scenario, if the Mum was to file urgent proceedings in the Federal Circuit Court, she would need to request that an urgent order, known as a ‘recovery order’ be...

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Children religion and family law

Children, religion and Family Law

Our Family Law jurisdiction has been subject to a cumulative volume of court applications regarding parents in conflict over what religion their child should ascribe to.

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Australia’s first same sex marriages take place

History in the making – Australia’s first same sex marriages take place

Over the weekend Australia’s first same sex couple weddings took place one week after the Marriage Amendment Act came into effect.

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Family Court judgment handed down; Kelvin gender dysphoria treatment case

Family Court judgment handed down; "re Kelvin" gender dysphoria treatment case

The Full Court of the Family Court has handed down a judgment which sees a major change in the way young people with gender dysphoria access treatment.

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What is Family Dispute Resolution

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution (“FDR”) is a specific type of mediation that assists separated couples in sorting out arrangements for their children and sometimes, also property.

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