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virtual courtroom

Trials by technology in family law - the traditional vs virtual courtroom

The courts are now conducting hearings in family law matters as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. In this blog, we discuss whether clients are put at a disadvantage if their...

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Family law property settlements and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on the everyday lives of people all over the world. In the sphere of Family Law, the financial impact must be recognised as a factor...

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family law court

What does South Australia easing COVID-19 restrictions mean for your family law matter?

In regard to the practice of family law by our firm during the pandemic, it has mostly been business as usual with slight changes including some of our staff working remotely,...

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adult adoption

Adult Adoption success story

Andersons Solicitors have now successfully made an application for an adult adoption for one of our clients and their family. This was processed through the Youth Court of South...

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How do I keep a caveat on my ex partner’s property?

In an earlier blog post, we discussed the question of whether to caveat or not to caveat. In second blog of our caveat series, we will discuss how to keep a caveat on an ex...

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domestic violence

Domestic violence and keeping safe during COVID-19

With the government’s direction to self-isolate at home as much as possible, there is a strong concern that domestic violence incidences will continue to increase.

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domesic violence

When social isolation becomes dangerous: Domestic Violence during COVID-19

As lockdowns and restrictions start to amass around the world, so too does the risk to women in violent relationships. The restricted living arrangements, financial stress and...

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separated family

Parenting orders during COVID-19

Recent Australian Government announcements surrounding COVID-19, and the topic of social distancing during the outbreak has left parents conflicted between breaching parenting...

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house with fence

To caveat or not to caveat

A caveat is a way that a party can give notice of their interest in a property on the certificate of title. In South Australia there are two types of caveats, property and...

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