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family law property settlement

Can I do my Family Law property settlement myself?

Separation from your spouse is often a difficult and emotional time for people and with this, it often becomes complex for the separating parties to communicate effectively with...

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Success in Supreme court family matter

Family Law Team succeeds in Supreme Court Interim Application

In March 2014 we assisted our client (the defendant) to successfully defend a claim for division of property following the breakdown of a De Facto relationship some 5 years...

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Hague convention success family court

Family Law team success using Hague Convention

In late 2013 Eva Bailey of the Andersons Family Law team was consulted by the father of two children who were living with him in South Australia. The children had been born in...

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relocating after separation

Family Law team success in relocation case

In October 2013 Andersons Solicitors Murray Bridge was consulted by a father with concerns that his former partner and mother of his then 16 month old daughter was intending to...

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family law money gift or loan

Gifts in Family Law property settlements

In 2005 Adam and Eve were married. They had been a de facto couple of several years prior to marriage and had jointly purchased a home together in 2004. In 2006 Adam and Eve...

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family law de facto

Family Law team success in De Facto property settlement

In late 2010 the plaintiff filed a claim against her former partner for a division of property following the breakdown of their De Facto relationship. The plaintiff had minimal...

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family law legally recognised marriage

What is the legal age to marry in Australia?

Under the Marriage Act 1961 (“the Act”), the legal age for a person to marry in Australia is 18 years of age. However there are exceptional and unusual circumstances when it may...

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family law working mothers

Family matters, employment law and Mums returning to work

To the ‘Y’ generation the term “having it all” is often reflected as an overly ambitious, unattainable goal encouraged by the bra burning feminists of former decades. The reason I...

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family law entitlements after separation

If I separate from my spouse am I entitled to 50% of the assets?

Just because you have been married to (or in a de facto relationship with) someone for a period of time and own property together does not mean that the assets will be divided...

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