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Family law and separation dates

Family Law and separation certificates

A common question we get from clients is about a “separation certificate”. We are not sure how this concept or notion has entered into the public arena.

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family law property settlement

Separated from your de facto? Can you claim against their property?

De facto relationships and property settlement is a poorly understood area of the law and one in which many people would get value from a better understanding. The difficulty...

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family law separation

Do I need to formally register separation from my de facto?

It is not necessary in South Australia to register any separation from a de facto relationship. There is also no facility in South Australia to register the existence of a de...

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seperation and family law

My husband left me for another man

The number of ways in which people in relationships and marriages can breakup is endless. Believe me, in our line of work we have seen countless ways for the relationship to end.

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family law and divorce

Do I need a lawyer to help with my divorce?

As divorces become more common we find that our clients are increasingly researching the topic of divorce on the internet and in some cases people are attempting to obtain their...

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family law entitlements

In Family Law am I entitled to less because I am a stay at home mum?

We are often contacted by people regarding entitlements to property settlement in a situation where one of the parties (usually the mother) is a stay at home parent. Often in...

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family and children's issues

Does my child have to spend time with my ex?

We often get asked whether a Court will make a child spend time with the other parent in circumstances where that child has said that they do not want to. Firstly, as we always...

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Family dispute resolution

What is Family Dispute Resolution?

Family Dispute Resolution is a process that applies to parties involved in a dispute regarding the arrangements for their children. Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a specific...

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divorce in australia

Can I get a divorce in Australia if I am living overseas?

We are often contacted by clients living overseas to assist them with matters arising from the breakdown of their marriage or relationship. It’s important to not only think about...

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