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Drug testing in Family Law

Drug tests and Family Court hearings

It is common in Family Court hearings regarding children’s issues for one party to threaten the other party with random drug testing. Often as solicitors we receive panicked...

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Pregnant surrogate

Surrogacy – what is the law in Australia?

Surrogacy is an arrangement between intended or commissioning parents with a third party who agrees to carry a baby for them. It is an option that many people are increasingly...

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Family Law Supreme Court dismissal

Family Law team succeeds in having Supreme Court Appeal dismissed

On 4 April 2014 District Court Judge Stretton handed down judgment in our client’s de facto property settlement case. After representing our client over a 4 year period and for a...

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social media and family law

Impact of social media on Family Law proceedings

Nowadays everyone has some kind of social media account, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+, from grandparent to grandchild, all generations are getting online...

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disclosure in family law

The importance of disclosure in Family Law

After a separation, one of the important issues that must be dealt with between you and your former partner is achieving a fair and equitable Family Law property settlement.

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property settlement years later

Can my ex claim more assets some years after separation or divorce?

Once a relationship ends, either party may file an Application in the Family Law Courts to seek an Order in relation to how the assets of that relationship should be divided...

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Family law and separation dates

Family Law and separation certificates

A common question we get from clients is about a “separation certificate”. We are not sure how this concept or notion has entered into the public arena.

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family law property settlement

Separated from your de facto? Can you claim against their property?

De facto relationships and property settlement is a poorly understood area of the law and one in which many people would get value from a better understanding. The difficulty...

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family law separation

Do I need to formally register separation from my de facto?

It is not necessary in South Australia to register any separation from a de facto relationship. There is also no facility in South Australia to register the existence of a de...

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