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Dealing with furniture in Family Law settlements

Furniture valuations in Family Law

In the family law jurisdiction, furniture is valued at second-hand value, such as that may be obtained at an auction, on EBay, Gumtree or at a garage sale. Even if the furniture...

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Family Law fees for divorce to rise dramatically

Huge hike in divorce fees expected

As part of the recent Federal Budget, the Government has announced that the fee for obtaining a divorce from the Federal Circuit Court will significantly increase as from 1 July...

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Domestic violence

How can domestic violence affect Family Law property settlements?

Domestic violence is a concern for many people in their relationships and after separation. As more and more serious cases come to light it is also becoming a bigger and greater...

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Family farm and family law property settlement

Family Law property settlement and the family farm

Many factors and contributions need to be considered when dividing the family relationship pie. Just because your husband inherited the family farm doesn’t mean that you don’t...

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Who can lodge a caveat

Family Law Property Dispute? Who can lodge a Caveat?

Not just anyone can lodge a Caveat over a property. They must have an interest in the land. Having been in a marriage or a de facto relationship alone does not give someone an...

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Mediation is better than court

Should I engage in mediation to try and avoid a court trial?

It often comes as a surprise to our clients that the vast majority (more than 90%) of all civil legal proceedings which are filed every year are never heard by the court at trial.

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I was married overseas but now live in Australia. Can I apply for a divorce in Australia?

The answer is “Yes”. The Australian Family Law Courts have jurisdiction to grant a divorce if you were married outside of Australia, as long as at least one of the following...

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Can I lodge a caveat on my former partner's property

Can I lodge a caveat on my ex partner’s property?

After a separation, people may need to take steps to protect any interest they have in their ex-partners property. A caveat is a way that a party can record their interest in a...

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How does domestic violence affect child custody arrangements?

Domestic violence is not something new. It is something that unfortunately has been going on for a long time but it is a current topic of conversation and a very important issue...

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