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extension of time for family law property settlement

Family Law property settlement not done in time?

You can finalised property settlement and spousal maintenance with a binding financial agreement or consent order in the Family Court or by instituting proceedings in court. If...

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positive attitude to family law proceedings

Is attitude important in Family Law proceedings?

After seven years of practising in Family Law it would not be presumptuous to claim that I have witnessed a broad array of emotional reactions by those who are involved in Family...

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Family Law and social media

Is your social media account discoverable in your Family Court proceedings?

It may be argued that information posted on social media could be discoverable if it is relevant to an issue in your Family Law case.

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Keeping a caveat on a property

How do I keep a caveat on my ex partner’s property?

This blog explores keeping a caveat on a property when your ex partner is trying to have it removed.

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cheating drug tests

My partner is cheating on court ordered drug tests

Hair follicle testing is the most accurate way of testing drug consumption by a human body over a lengthy period of time. There are over 25 drugs that can be tested using a hair...

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Spousal maintenance in family law

Family Law and spousal maintenance

Spousal maintenance is a payment that a person may be required to make to their former spouse or de facto partner to assist them with their reasonable living expenses. It is a...

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Family law property settlement and the engagement ring

She called off the wedding; does she keep the engagement ring

The Court has been known to take various approaches with engagement rings in Family Law property settlements, and generally the approach that the Court will take will depend on...

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Legal costs in Family Law

Legal costs in Family Law

Clients are commonly concerned about the impact that legal costs may have as a result of Family Law proceedings. This concern is compounded when the client is led to believe that...

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Dealing with furniture in Family Law settlements

Furniture valuations in Family Law

In the family law jurisdiction, furniture is valued at second-hand value, such as that may be obtained at an auction, on EBay, Gumtree or at a garage sale. Even if the furniture...

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